Internet Speed Test Meter android app + Admob ad Integration + onesignal Integration


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Speed check is the only speed test that lets you test your internet connection on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, keep track of your speed tests. Internet Speed Meter Lite displays your internet speed in status bar and shows the amount of data used in notification pane. This helps you to monitor network connection anytime while using your device.

Lite Features :

– Real time speed update in status bar and notification.
– Daily traffic usage in notification.
– Separate stats for Mobile network and WiFi network.
– Monitors your traffic data for the last 30 days.
– Battery efficient

4G Speed Test & Meter is the best tool of speed test. It is also the best wifi analyzer.

Internet Speed Meter, WiFi Speed Test will not only test your speed, but also tell you what experience you can expect while contrast with other users.

4G Speed Test showcases accurate broadband coverage test and also the remaining data limit on your phone. In addition to Internet Speed Check, it also indicates spots with stronger signals for internet speed and data coverage.


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