Ionic WooCommerce API – PhoneGap / Cordova Full Hybrid App


With the Ionic WooCommerce API Application, your Shop / Product Catalog is readily available on your mobile devices. Quickly accessible and beautifully presented.

Navigate easily through your entire Product Catalog as the Ionic WooCommerce API Application comes fully integrated with the WooCommerce Categories.


  • Custom Attribute
  • Ionic framework open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5
  • Already builded for iOS and Android platforms using the Cordova Command-Line Interface – Builds are included in the deliverable
  • WooCommerce Authentication
  • (New)WooCommerce REST API: View Index / Meta Properties

  • WooCommerce REST API: View List Of Products
  • WooCommerce REST API: View A Product
  • WooCommerce REST API: View List Of Reviews
  • WooCommerce REST API: View List Of Product Categories
  • WooCommerce REST API: View A Product Category
  • WooCommerce REST API: Create An Order
  • WooCommerce REST API: View Orders
  • (New) WooCommerce REST API: Create A Customer

  • WooCommerce REST API: Verify User – Retrieve and View a specific customer by email
  • Full WooCommerce Product Category or Product Listing Integration
  • WooCommerce Product Categories Reports with Charts
  • Product Listing with Image, Details, more attributes
  • Functional Basket and Order Creation for already registered Customers (after the Order Creation,
  • Final Verification and Payment could be made on the WooCommerce installation or via PayPal Payment).


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