jElevator Plugin for WordPress


Standalone jElevator jQuery Plugin is Also Available

Improve your site’s readability with the jElevator WordPress plugin inter-page navigation tool, allowing users to more freely explore your site’s content!

jElevator is a WordPress plugin that allows webmasters to enhance the navigation of their blog, news, and other content-rich websites. Providing users with scroll-to-top, scroll-to-bottom, and sections menu functionality, jElevator will increase the usability of any page it is added to. This plugin is a perfect fit for pages that contain lengthy content, such as a news/blog post, detailed documentation, or a robust informational page. jElevator will allow users to jump to the information they’re seeking, check the title or date of a news article, or post a comment at the bottom of the page, all without losing their place or having to tediously scroll up and down in search for specific content.

As the user’s cursor approaches the left side of the page, a narrow menu will slide into view. This menu may consist of a scroll-to-top button, a scroll-to-bottom button, and/or a sections menu button. The scroll-to-top and scroll-to-bottom buttons will allow a user to quickly jump to the top or bottom of the page, and then return to the portion of the page they were viewing previously by clicking the same button a second time. The sections menu button will open a secondary pane consisting of a set of links which are generated by the script automatically. Clicking a link within the sections menu pane will scroll the user to the section of the page associated with that link. Links are generated using the elements that were selected in plugin settings. See the demo for an example that constructs a sections menu from H1, H2, H3, and H4 elements.


  • Auto-Hide Menu
  • Scroll-To-Top Button
  • Scroll-To-Bottom Button
  • Automatic Sections Menu

Change Log

Version 1.0.8

+ Added : ability to exclude pages.
+ Added : support for latest jElevator jQuery Plugin (1.11.0).

Version 1.0.7

+ Added : support for latest jElevator jQuery Plugin (1.10.2).


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