Keep Your Heating and Air Bills Under Control

In order to keep your budget in check, it’s important to keep your heating and air costs down. There are ways to do this in both hot weather and cold. Without attention to this household expense, utility bills can get out of control. You can keep costs down by adding insulation, having an energy efficient system, and making some lifestyle changes.

In both cold weather and hot, insulation can keep the temperatures inside more comfortable. Insulation can be placed in crawl spaces between ceiling and roof as well as in walls. If there is open space under the floor, this area can also be filled with sheets of batting or loose fiberfill that is blown in. If the windows are single pane, upgrading to a double pane energy efficient style can also cut down on heating and air bills. Today, many types of blinds, shades, and curtains are designed with energy efficiency in mind.

In order to have efficient heating and air systems, seasonal maintenance and repairs should be performed. An ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure. Before the first day of summer and the onset of winter, it’s important to make sure all systems are ready to roll. Filters should be changed monthly and the units will need to be inspected, adjusted, and cleaned up as needed by an experienced technician. A tuned up machine will run smoothly and more efficiently. If the existing heater and AC are quite old, it may be time to trade it in for a new model. Decreased utility bills will offset the initial cost of a new unit over time.

Lifestyle changes can also make a difference in the heating and air conditioning bills in a home. For example, in the summer, keeping blinds drawn during the hottest part of the day will block the heat from entering the building. Also in the summer, it’s wise to prepare hot weather meals such as salads and grilled items instead heating up the house by using the oven. In the winter, having the oven on is a great idea. Not only will hot food warm up the inhabitants from within, the house will be heated up by a 375 degree oven baking for a few hours. Having the blinds drawn open during the sunniest part of the day will let the sunrays and warmth in.

There’s no reason to throw more money at heating and air conditioning bills than necessary. With some attention to details, homeowners can stay comfortable without breaking the bank. By upping the insulation in a home, maintaining and repairing the heaters and ACs as necessary, and making some lifestyle changes, the utility bills can be kept under control.

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