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Product Name: Kids Easter Activities – Printable Easter Activities And Games

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What if you could
have a huge variety of Easter activities at your fingertips? You
wouldn’t have to spend time searching for activities for the
kids and you wouldn’t have to spend hours making your own

At Easter time kids
want to have fun! They are excited about Easter coming and
looking forward to the big bunny’s arrival. Giving them Easter
activities is the perfect way to entertain them before Easter
and over the Easter period.

Now there is a
collection of activities that kids will love and you will love
too. These activities will keep kids busy while they play,
laugh, create, think and learn. 

Keeping kids happy at Easter is
easy to do if you have a variety of fun activities.

It is a collection of

Colorful, Fun, Educational

that you print from your computer!

Contains a wide variety of Printable Easter Worksheets, Easter
Games and Easter Coloring Printables including:

Easter Coloring

Easter Writing
Activities and more!

Now the kids can
have Easter fun and while they do they will be creating,
learning, solving puzzles and really thinking! This is
entertainment that doesn’t rely on television or computer games.

With the Kids Easter
Activities Collection, you have hours and hours of Easter
entertainment right at your fingertips.

These books are electronic books

that you download to your

computer in a flash.

That means that in
just a few minutes you can be printing all of the Easter
activities and Easter games that you need for your kids or your

Easter Worksheets let the
kids have fun while the learning continues.

Easter Math Puzzles –
Practice math the fun way with these Easter Math Worksheets.

Easter Word Puzzles and
Easter Writing Activities help to improve reading,
spelling and writing.

Easter Homework
– These activities are ideal as Homework sheets – Easter
Math Sheets, Writing Activities and Word Puzzles are fun and
also educational.

Easter Rewards – Use the
Kids Easter Activities Sheets and games as rewards or

Easter Motivation – These
Easter classroom activities are engaging and motivating so
students will want to do this math and do these writing
activities and reading activities.

Easter Day (or Week) –
There are enough activities here for you to treat the kids
to a whole day or a whole week to Easter of Easter fun! Your
students won’t want to go home. They can do math, writing
activities, word study, problem solving, art and games. It’s
all included in the Kids Easter
Activities Package.

Easter Quality Time – Fun
for the whole family. Get together and spend real quality
time as a family. Have an Easter family night that everyone
will remember.

Turn off the TV – Give
the kids some old fashioned fun with no TV and no computer

No More Boredom – this is
the perfect solution to bored kids at Easter!

Educational Too! –
The kids will have fun and be thinking, learning and
creating while they do! These are educational Easter

Easter Treats That Won’t Rot

Their Teeth! – The perfect Easter treat! Add a few games
and Easter puzzle sheets to their Easter baskets.

Traveling at Easter? –

Keep kids happy and busy while you are traveling at Easter.
NO more, ” Are we there yet?”. Endless
entertainment while they travel.

This is Easter fun and
entertainment that the adults will also enjoy!     

Here’s a

few of the special features of the Kids Easter

Activities package.

Instant Access so you can
print off all of the Easter Puzzles, Games and Worksheets
that you want

Over 55 printable activities
– store them on your computer and use them year after

Printable Easter Games for Kids
– just click and print
and the colorful, appealing games are ready

Time saving
– all of the work is done for you, you don’t need to hunt

Educational Easter

activities for kids
– Not just fun – educational, appealing, entertaining and
challenging too

Always available – you
store them on your computer and print when you want  

Print what you want – Print as many copies as you

Inexpensive and simple
– you’ll have professional looking games for the cost of the
paper and laminate.

Ideal for Easter classroom activities, homeschool, Easter parties or
just fun at home

Great variety
– Easter activities and
Easter games for all ages.


at what’s included in the Kids Easter Activities Book

These colorful, printable Easter

Word Puzzles contain cute Easter characters. Fun
activities that will get them thinking!

Easter Word Search –

Search for the hidden Easter words.

Easter Bunny Word Find –

Create as many words as possible from the letters in Easter Bunny.

Chocolate Word Find –
How many words can they make from the letters in

Alphabet Bunny – Go
through the alphabet to describe different Easter

Bunny Proverbs – There are plenty more bunnies in the sea.

Easter Jumble
– Find what the Easter bunny will bring in the
jumbled words

Word Sudoku 4 x 4 – A
simple word Sudoku for the kids to start with  

Word Sudoku 6 x 6 –
An easy Sudoku that uses Easter words.

Easter Egg Word Sudoku
– Easter Sudoku word puzzle

Chocolate Word Sudoku – An

Easter Sudoku that uses words

Jumbled Words – Fid

the Easter words in the jumbled letters

Easter Party –
Discover who is going to the Easter party.





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Easter Writing Fun

Use Easter to motivate the kids
to write. These are colorful Easter templates with Easter
writing activities suggestions.


Sunday – Write down what a perfect Easter day would be


Poem – Get creative and write an Easter poem.


Bunny – A cute Easter template for an Easter story!


Time – Easter is about more than getting Easter eggs.
Get them thinking about Easter giving!


Fives – Get them thinking as they create lists related
to eggs.





Pathways 1 – Find a pathway through the maze to end on
the correct total.


Pathways 2 – Get the Easter bunny through the maze again
and practice addition skills.

Make 10

– Practice addition to 10. 

Make 13

– A challenging addition to 13 math puzzle


Egg Patterns – An Easter math puzzle that challenges
kids to find the pattern so they can complete each egg.


Totals – See who can get the numbers in eggs to solve
the puzzle 


Tangram – A Tangram version that is shaped like an egg.  


Color Eggs –
A coloring puzzle that
will really make them think


Egg Counting – A tricky counting puzzle. Work out the
pattern then complete each egg!


Eggs – An Easter math puzzle to practice addition and
make them think.


Sudoku 4×4 – Easy Sudokus that are ideal for Sudoku


Sudoku 6×6 – Perfect for after they have mastered the
4×4 Sudokus.


Sudoku 9×9 – Regular sized Sudoku that are easy enough
for the kids to do!

Practicing math and solving
Easter math puzzles has never been so much fun with these
math Easter worksheets. Colorful Easter worksheets that are
filled with cute Easter characters.



Kids love helping these
Easter characters find their way through the Easter mazes.


Bunny – Feed the Easter Bunny. He needs to find the


Basket Maze – Can the kids deliver the Easter egg to

the Easter Basket


Maze –  The Easter Bunny has to find his Easter


Friends Maze – Take Betty Bunny through the maze to find Billy



Easter Mazes

Printable Easter Cards – Black and White

Let the kids get creative
as they decorate the Easter cards for family and friends.

5 Easter

Cards to print. Cute Easter card designs that kids will

Printable Easter Cards – Colored

Save money on Easter cards.
These are ready to be given away. A great way to say Happy

4 Colored

Easter Cards to print. Just write a message inside and
give them away.



Sample Easter Cards

Black and White Bookmarks

Makes a great Easter gift. Decorate

these bookmarks then laminate if you want.


styles to choose from ready to be decorated. Use
markers, pencils, crayons, or paint and add some glitter
for a special effect!

Colored Bookmarks

These bookmarks are ideal
as prizes. Laminate them
and they make great Easter gift for family or friends. 

styles to choose from – print them out, cut them up and
laminate if you wish



Easter is


Bunnies and


Easter Egg

Egg Shapes
– color the eggs then arrange them to create a picture

Egg Shapes

– design an Easter picture with the colored Easter eggs.

Eggs and


Basket of


Tulips and



Easter Eggs



Easter Coloring

Sheets Samples

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You can print as many copies as want for your
students or your kids.

Kids Easter Games includes –

Bunny Race

Board Game – In this Easter Board Game the 2 bunnies
race to the Easter basket.

Bunnies and

Carrots Board Games – A race to the finish where the
bunnies help the kids go up but the carrots take them down! 

Egg Race –
An Easter Board Game where the 2 players race along from egg
to egg checking the color of the eggs as they go!

Scrambled Treats – In this Easter game, players use
strategy to move their eggs or jellybeans to the other
players spaces. 

Easter Tic

Tac Toe – Play this version with bunnies and baskets.

Chicks and

Ducks –
Just print out this
strategy game for 2 players and it ready to play!

Egg Pairs

A print and play strategy game for 2 people. Print it out
and play again and again.

Easter Word Bingo –

Bingo cards and word cards for the caller are all included.

Easter Dominoes

Use the colorful tiles to match the words to the cute


Squares – Player attempt to be the first to make a
square while trying to stop the other playing from making



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There are a loads of Easter
printables in Kids Easter Games and

Kids Easter

Activities. But that’s not all that  you get in this
collection of Easter fun and games. Look below to see what else
is included!

What’s a resource like this worth?

Well you could create your own kids Easter
games and kids Easter worksheets but it will take you a very
long time to do this. I know this because I have spent many,
many hours putting this collection together.

If you want to buy books of activities and
games you could spend lots (if you could find them at all).


Kids Easter Activities Package

contains all that you need to keep kids busy and happy before
Easter and during Easter. It’s all here for you. You just need
to print it out and give it to the kids. And you can use it year
after year!

Not only do you get
printable Easter activity sheets that are colorful, fun,
appealing and educational too, you also get a collection of
Easter games that you use in the classroom, with your family or
for Easter parties.

Why would I make it so affordable? Simply because I really want
as many children as possible to have access to these educational
Easter activities, You see as a teacher and a parent I really do
believe that games and puzzles provide a fun and effective way
for children to learn!

Immediate Access

Best of all these are electronic books (e-books).

Immediately after you order, you are directed to the download
page where you can download the books to your computer. That
means that you can be printing these Easter activities and games
in just a few minutes!

No matter what however, it’s a bargain for


And don’t worry, if for

any reason you’re not happy with the content, you have a

complete guarantee to protect your investment.


Not Sure?

Have a look at the 

I honestly
believe this is real value and you I know
that kids really love these activities but
here’s the deal…
If, for any reason within 60 Days
of purchase of this course you feel that the
product is not for you, simply let me know
and I will refund every penny of your
money with no questions asked. Heck,
I’ll even let you keep all the bonuses – on
the house!

So as you can see, ordering


Kids Easter Activities



completely risk-free!



Easter Activities Package

are Adobe PDF files. To see them, you’ll  need to have the


Adobe Acrobat Reader

installed on your computer.

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 Would You Like

Check out these amazing bonuses that I will also be including
when you order –


Kids Easter

Riddle Puzzles and Game


This ebook combine riddles and
Easter! That has to be a recipe for fun!

The Kids Easter Riddle Puzzles and

Games contain a Riddle game,  a Easter riddle puzzle and
also jumbled

Easter riddles for the kids to solve. There’s bound to be loads
of laughs with these cute, Easter riddles!

The Easter Riddle Match
is a card game played like Memory or hide the cards for a
unique Easter hunt!

The Egg Match Puzzle will
really puzzle them as they try to complete each egg so that
a complete riddle is made.

Riddle Jumble has several
riddles to read but they will have to unjumble them first!
Then they match the riddle to the answer!

The Riddle Puzzle give
them more amusing Easter riddles but they will have to
decode them first>

These are ideal for the classroom,
home or Easter parties.

And look at what else there is –


And there is a bonus Special Easter
Gift for you!

It is a special treat for you and
the kids to enjoy together!

A perfect entertainment for Easter!

Just to recap on

what you will get in the

A complete set

of professional, colorful resources that you simply print and

and hand out to kids.

Easter Activities for Children

with all of the Easter printables that you need including –
Easter Math

Worksheets, Easter Mazes, Easter Cards, Easter Word Puzzles, Easter Writing Activities, Easter Bookmarks and Easter Coloring Sheets.

Kids Easter Games with full color, professional
games to print and play –

play dominoes, bingo, board games

and games sheets

Kids Riddle Puzzles and Game with more Easter printables.

And a bonus

Mystery Easter Gift that you and kids can enjoy

and a gift

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All of the Easter puzzles, math, riddles, mazes, coloring, cards
and games that you will need. And you can use them year after

They are stored on your computer so you can make as many

copies as you need, whenever you need them.

It is huge variety and best of all these are educational activities
so as the kids have fun, they will be learning too!

With the
Kids Easter Activity Package
you’ll save yourself loads of time and you will have all
that you need to keep kids busy, happy and having fun at home,
at school or at that Easter party! 

Wishing you and the kids a wonderful Easter,

Parent, Teacher and Lover of games

P.S. Remember, you’re getting loads and loads of
Easter Activities for

children and Easter Games  for just a fraction of

what it would cost to
assemble the same number of professional quality

games and resources –

all ready for you to use with your students or

your children.

And you get immediate access to them! You can be
printing these activities in just a few minutes!

These books contain printable

Easter Games for

Easter Word Puzzles,

Easter Math Worksheets,

Easter Writing Activities,

Easter Mazes,

Easter Cards,

Easter Bookmarks

and Easter Coloring


And the

also give you even more Easter fun and

games to challenge and entertain kids.

Everything you need to

make Easter fun, interesting and exciting. So

if that’s what you want to do, this is the

opportunity you’ve been waiting for.


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