Last Orders Prestashop Module


Last Orders is a module that allows you to display on your site, the last orders placed by customers. By this way, your customers will know which products are sold, and encourages them to buy.

Showing the last requests of other users, also encourages customers to complete their purchases, generating more confidence in your site

The module can be shown in the columns (left or right), in the upper section (as a scroll in top or footer) and also has an exclusive page where you can see all orders and add items directly to the cart from there.

You can set the width and height in the column, and the speed of rotation. The number of orders to display, and the minimum value of an order to be shown, among other options.

The module also includes bootstrap icons or owl carousel for column orders.




Multistore (PS 1.5, 1.6)

Cross browser

v5.0-compatible PS 1.7

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