Live Client Chat – Help Desk Chat With Visitors Map & Mobile APP (Standalone)


Client Live Chat is an exclusive support chat, adaptable to any website, you just need to include an little javascript code. And talk with your customers/visitors has never been easier! :)

  • Translatable to 100%, user language detected automatically (backend and frontend)
  • Realtime world map of visitors!
  • Unlimited colors (colors picker)
  • Unlimited number of personalized answers ready for use.
  • Advanced informations of visitors (IP, REFERRER etc.)
  • Visitor’s easly auto-login and Facebook Login
  • Answers offline-chats directly from the panel
  • Send automatic opening’s link to visitors
  • It does not weigh down the site, due to the database Firebase.
  • Start you the chats with your customers
  • Easily translatable into every language (TWO included)
  • Google font support
  • Visitor’s avatar by facebook or gravatar
  • Actions with sounds for visitors and staff and more…
  • Pay only once

Update 1.3

- Added the possibility to request users info before start chatting (Name & Email)
- Fix for 'Use button for open chat' function

Update 1.2

- New widgets added:
- - Online users
- - Today's visitors
- - Today's Chats

- Added two new functions: 
- - Download conversations (or conversation)
- - Print conversations (or conversation)

- Optimized the code to remove some warnings.
- Added the possibility of sending messages to offline users via email.
- Added mobile application source code (INTEL XDK PROJECT)

Have you wordpress?

There is also a version of Live Client Chat for wordpress. You can download here:


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