Live Client Chat – Help Desk Chat With Visitors Map & Mobile APP


Client Live Chat is an exclusive support chat, adaptable to any website developed in wordpress. And talk with your customers/visitors has never been easier! :)

  • Realtime world map of visitors!
  • Unlimited colors (colors picker)
  • Unlimited number of personalized answers ready for use.
  • Advanced informations of visitors (IP, REFERRER etc.)
  • Visitor’s easly auto-login and Facebook Login
  • Answers offline-chats directly from the panel
  • Send automatic opening’s link to visitors
  • It does not weigh down the site, due to the database Firebase.
  • Start you the chats with your customers
  • Easily translatable into every language (TWO included)
  • Google font support
  • Visitor’s avatar by facebook or gravatar
  • Actions with sounds for visitors and staff and more…
  • Pay only once
Updates always going :)

Update 3.1

- New widgets added:
- - Online users
- - Today's visitors
- - Today's Chats

- Added three new functions: 
- - Download conversations (or conversation)
- - Print conversations (or conversation)
- - Request users info before start chatting

- Added mobile application source code (INTEL XDK PROJECT)

Click here to download Android APP (FREE)

Have you an non-wordpress site?

There is also a Standalone version of Live Client Chat for any type of website. You can download here:


Update 3.0

1. Important stability fix about the 'clear all data' function.
2. Important fix about infinite loading problem in particular situation.
3. Improved the multisite function.

Update 2.7

1. Fixed several compatibility issues with iOs.
2. Fixed connection issues with the geolocation server
3. Two new IP geolocation services (HTTPS)
4. Added new text setting customizations (font size and color)

Update 2.6

1. New file uploade/manager for sending files to visitor
2. General fixes for all the problems that they have been reported
3. Update of all the included libraries
4. Now is possible change the map style of the back-end
5. Added the 'Chat duration' message for the chats.
7. Added the ability to easily delete all data of the chat

Update 2.5

1. Library Update: Firebase, Font Awesome.
2. Fixed an issue regarding the activation code wrong.
3. Various improvements to the JavaScript code
4. Improvements for geolocation system
5. Various CSS improvements.

Update 2.4

1. Various fixes, graphics and technical.
2. Possibility to translate to 100% for all strings.
3. New setting for rounded edges.

Update 2.1

1. Some fix about incompatibility with some theme
2. Fix for smiley system
3. Graphic improvement of front-end
4. Big improvement about loading speed
5. Now when you click in the desktop notify it open the chat
6. Now work without the bootstrap library.
7. Now you can choose any font from the settings panel. (From google font)

Update 2.0

1. Added chat between operators.
2. Added smiley support. More will be added soon.
3. Added drag and resize support to admin chat.
4. New mobile template for back-end. Soon also the app.
5. Small general graphics improvements.
6. Added desktop notification system (Working with Chrome)
7. You can bold text with **TEXT**
8. Now the visitor's email will view on the chat.
9. Update notify and changelog for the next updates.
10. General stability improvements.

Update 1.2

1. General fix for stability
2. Add possibility to set predefined phrases for fast response.
3. Users logged on wordpress or via facebook will not have to leave the more mail for the offline reply.


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