Living Large Temporarily

Exploring the many wonders of this great planet is something that few people ever get to really do thoroughly. Only a small group of fortunate individuals can say they have step foot in nearly every country in the world, no matter how small or difficult to reach. While there may only be a few people out there who have dedicated their lives to traveling, the rest of us can dabble in it from time to time. For the more serious, but sporadic adventurers, there are now options that will allow them to remain in contact with the rest of the world no matter how remote their location is. Through the use of satellite internet, people can pack internet access in their suitcase next to their swimsuit.

For those individuals who are not constantly hacking through the exotic foliage of the Amazon rainforest, there are companies that have special deals that allow people to rent satellite internet equipment. Instead of having to make a massive investment in expensive equipment and coverage that might only be used for a few adventures or research expeditions, people can rent the necessary equipment to remain connected with the rest of the world. Different equipment and rates are available depending on where people are going and what they will need to be able to do.

Companies charge users a daily rental for the equipment in addition to a price for each megabyte used. Users must provide a prepayment for the amount of megabytes they plan to use while they are gone, though additional ones can be purchased. Most plans offer each megabyte at the price of six dollars and fifty cents. The cheapest satellite internet rental plan provides a portable modem the size of a laptop that receives coverage on all of the major continents but is a bit slower than other models and the coverage area is limited. The daily price for renting the equipment is about five dollars a day along with the megabytes that will be used.

A more advanced and compact modem is available which is half the size of a laptop. This is the ideal piece of equipment for people who will be travelling through some rough territory and need as little additional luggage and weight as possible. Applications that require a lot of bandwidth can function on this modem and people can even make high quality voice calls with it as well. This is the perfect piece of equipment for individuals who need a high quality satellite internet connection but without the bulk. The convenience of this portable satellite modem is evident in its daily rental price of around ten dollars.

A third option is a portable satellite modem that is a bit larger but provides a nearly flawless and high speed connection even from the most secluded location. This piece of equipment can set up a small, personal WiFi zone so that multiple users can gain access to satellite internet. This is the perfect choice for people who need to be able to operate streaming video or audio applications while in the middle of no where. While it is a bit bulkier and pricier, at a rental rate of ten dollars a day, the high quality performance it provides is priceless for users who need it while exploring the great unknown.

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