Logo Design – It’s Not A Cost, It’s An Investment

A Logo is a mark – symbol and letters combination which composed or designed and become a unique character to recognize a company or a business. A Logo has to be able to describe the main business directly or indirectly, depends on what type of logo. Either way, logo has to be different and stand out from the crowd in order to win their faith and build firm brand acknowledgment. Therefore, logo must be designed based on anything that represents the company or the product. It could be company’s philosophy, service philosophy, vision and mission, business area and many other things that could be unlimited depends on the designers’ creativity.

To be recognizable, logo has to be unique, simple but yet has a strong character. It all can be done by choosing the right color, fonts and create such a meaningful icon. Therefore a good logo will cost a lot, because it is done through some research, based on a very deep thought and very long design process. A good logo can’t be done instantly.

Unfortunately, some companies do not consider how important the logo is. A bad logo which is not done through a very deep thought and done instantly using or modifying existing clip-arts will look cheap and could give bad impression for the company or the products. Logo has to be created, not re-created.

Designing a good logo will take a lot of time, thought and energy. This kind of logo will demand a high price, because it is a matter of high importance for any company to have a professional designed logo that separates the company from its competitors and projects its image.
This is what some companies do not think about. They go to ‘logo makers’ instead of ‘logo designers’ and pay a few bucks for instant logo.

Some companies consider designing logo is a cost, instead of an investment.

A good logo which visualized company’s personality and professionalism will establish trust worthy and reliable to the company. That is when companies get what they paid for the logo. That is what they get for paying high for logo design as an investment.

Logo designers have to be able to change their clients’ mindset about designing logo. Logo designers have the responsibility to educate their clients in order to create a better understanding of how important the logo is. The other way around, it is logo designers’ responsibility as well to design “the best quality logo design that speaks for itself”.

That way, both sides will get advantages from logo designing process.

Source by Anton Ardjanggi

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