LUS Login Unlock Security for WordPress a Modern and Safe Captcha Slide for WordPress Login


Login Unlock Security is a WordPress Plugin to prevent your WordPress registration of login bots and account hackers. It has a modern interface and offers one of the industry’s most advanced security standards for login procedures. Compatible with any active WordPress Theme.

This plugin secures your WordPress login better like a classic captcha, because it’s more than just a captcha. It prevents the registration of login bots and account hackers because it makes an automatic registration on your wordpress system impossible.

This perfected safety mechanism generates a short-lived authentication key after unlocking the slide control and checks it when registering. The authentication key is generated on server side only after manual unlocking of the slider and is therefore not readable by bots. Even direct brute force attacks on the login script and database are ineffective because the required security key is unknown.

WordPress systems are popular attack targets of hackers, and current bots are now able to read or trick captcha mechanisms. The classic captcha mechanisms meanwhile provide little or no protection against intruders. Get started on a safe procedure as fast as possible and secure your WordPress.


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