Make It Fun

Alright, try this. I want you to go on a run at your kid’s school track every day for an entire month. You’ll find out that doing this every single day will get very, I mean very, boring. Believe me I’ve tried it. I’ve run the same route for three months. I woke up one day put on my running shoes, sat down, and decided not to go on my run. It took 6 months for me to get back into it again.

No, I did not get over weight but I did lose all the endurance that I had gained. Working out really does stink. You work, work, work, and when you stop you loose months of training. Aagh! I hate that. So I thought why is this? Why train so hard if you’re only going to stop?

I read through training manuals of various artists and each and every one of them came to the same conclusion. One must make their training fun in order to stick to it. I love reading Bruce Lee’s martial art training books. The guy literally ran for miles every day and he said that he had to mix up his running in between miles for him to keep going. Bruce Lee would literally go skipping down the street to keep it fun.

I believe this to be true. So make your exercising fun or you’re going to stop. So when you run on your treadmill maybe increase the speed or levitation. I found out that with any stationary workout device the television works great to keep your mind preoccupied. Put on your favorite movie or program. I remember running to a television episode and found out that I had ran over six miles. I later tried to do it without and found that I bored myself to death.

You can be creative with your training. I love using a card deck to aid my productivity. You make each suite an exercise. Shuffle the deck, draw a card, and whatever you pull you do the exercise to the number you pulled. Music can also get you fired up. Go on a country bike ride or go run through the park.

Think of ways to train yourself. Like I said make it fun. Your body is like I said your body. Do you really want to lose all you earned. You obtained something great don’t lose it.

Source by Darryl J Cytacki

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