Making the Right Choice in a Photographer

How do I choose an Enduring wedding photographer for my wedding day? It is one of the most important day of our lives and here are some of the most important things to ask, see and know. Make sure the photographer has a web site to view to see if their photography meets your needs. Every photographer has their own style. If you like their photography make an appointment to meet with them in person. Just because you see some of their work online it does not mean this is their work! Make sure you see a hard copy – not just digital files – to ensure they are the photographer and to view their work. Digital files does not show how their photographs will look after being printed!

Always ask if they will be the photographer and if they have a few different photographers can you meet with the one who will be taking our photographs and to view their work. You want your photographs to be enduring and the person behind the camera must be someone who you will enjoy for your whole wedding day. You want someone who not only can make enduring wedding photographs but someone who is easy to talk to and who enjoys their job. A photographer can add fun to your wedding. If you can relax and enjoy your time with the photographer your photographs will be the enduring photographs you were hoping for.

Asking what kind of equipment they will be using is important. Wedding photographers who are worth their weight in salt will be using either Cannon, Nikon or Fuji Fine pix S5 DSL’s. Do they have any recommendations from other weddings? Do they mind if you contact them? Does this photographer edit their photographs? Do they do any skin enhancements? Do they offer any artistic enhancements, color, black and white, sepia with and without splashes of color? What exactly will I be paying for and what will I be getting? Make sure you get to see a full wedding. Do not be afraid to pay a little extra for your photographs remember when your wedding is over and you hang up the dress in back of your closet your enduring photographs will be there for a lifetime of memories to remind you of your beautiful wedding day.

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