mania electro 808CAR keychain Spy Camera(2 MP)

Mini Car Remote Keychain Hidden Camera with built-in DVR Keychain Operation: Press the power button for 1 second and a yellow LED light will illuminate on the keychain. Then press the video button until the yellow light starts to blink (about 3 seconds) and your keychain camera will begin to record. After the yellow light blinks 3 times – it disappears completely (no lights at all) until you stop the recording manually! Or, with the yellow light showing on the keychain camera, press the button briefly for still photographs. When you are finished, connect the included USB cable to your PC to upload the video. Easy to use and easy to hide! This keychain hidden camera looks like any car door opener and it blends well in any environment because it is so common for people to carry their keychain with them throughout their busy day. It features high quality (25 frames per second) video with audio. It is primarily designed for recording in a well lighted environment. This incredible little hidden camera with a built-in DVR is perfect private investigators, law enforcement, concerned parents, business owners, or just for catching the best of candid camera shots!

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