Maximum Weight Loss in 2 Weeks – How Many Lbs You Can Lose in 2 Weeks With Extreme Weight Loss

The dieters always seem to be in a hurry to slim down. But there is a margin that we should not cross in order to keep healthy. So what should be the maximum weight loss in 2 weeks?

In order to answer this question we need to understand a few basic rules of the human body:

· All of us have different reasons of gaining waist line. Depending on that we select the means of reducing the fat. Actually that would define the maximum healthy weight loss in two weeks.

· Next, we can lose pounds on the weighing scale in two forms – body fat and water weight. Losing water mass churns up your muscles and causes various ailments & disorders. So, what you should aim is losing body fat, not water mass.

· The water mass comes back very soon. Right from the day we quit the diet taken up, we start gaining it back.

· As per our current body weight, we need a certain amount of calories that you can not decrease in one shot. We have to go slow – reduce 100 calories per day.

· We must also know that an adult body required minimum 1500 calories per day.

· Starving your self would decrease the metabolic rate as a result of which you shall further gain weight.

· The body requires all the nutrients in a proper balance. These even include carbohydrates and fat. While dieting if you quit on them, the body would lose its nutritional balance that can cause several ailments.

· Losing the love handles with the workouts is perhaps the best option. But again there is a maximum amount of healthy weight loss in 2 weeks. You can not kill yourself working out all day.

Now considering the above points, when we take up any extreme weight loss methods, for instance the liquid diets, it either gives you unbalanced nutrients or lesser calories. Now for example you are using colon cleansing to slim down. One thing is that you should not do it for more than 1 month. Next, it reduces weight by removing the fecal matter & undigested food from the intestines.

Once that waste is fully removed, and you continue doing colon cleansing, you would land up damaging the intestinal system. Here the maximum amount of healthy weight loss in 2 weeks that you can achieve varies on the fecal matter in your body. At least we can say that there is proper definition or limit to maximum amount of healthy weight loss in 2 weeks. You must stick to the healthy means and let the procedure happen naturally for the best results.

Source by Anna Holman

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