merlin Wi-Fi IP Camera Lite IP Camera Camera(White)

Merlin’s Wi-Fi IP Camera Lite is a security cam that can also be used for video conferencing. Featuring a simple set-up procedure, the camera can be set up from your smartphone or tablet in a few minutes. The viewing lens can be panned horizontally and vertically all through your smart devices. Monitor your house or office in real-time and footage can be saved directly on your smart devices. Overview The Wi-Fi IP Camera has a host of features like connectivity with alarm systems, notifications can be sent automatically through email and expandable memory of up to 32 GB. Coupled with video-conferencing capabilities it integrates communication with security perfectly. Added security The Wi-Fi IP camera is the ultimate solution for complete piece of mind. Installing it into your house as your main security system gives you the ability to monitor your house from anywhere in the world by being integrated with your smart devices including your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop. The Wi-Fi IP camera can also be programmed to set off motion detectors and has night illumination capability. An added feature is that if the motion sensors are triggered, the Wi-Fi camera will automatically send an alert to your email account to notify you. The Wi-Fi camera can even be pre-programmed to switch on and start recording at certain times of the day.

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