Messanger Starter Template + Firebase + AdMob [iOS]




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Furfur – Messanger Starter Template written on Swift, which use Firebase as backend.

The boom of messangers are coming to everyone as the major need of comunication. All the biggest gidital company has own mobile app for communitation, and some of them used internally. So why not build your own to communitace with your firends or customers. Using Firebase Realtime database is easy to keep track of messages and exchange almost instantly.

Now, when you have your own chat and your users open it everyday, turn on the Ad and get more clicks and views that other apps, which open almost 1-2 times a week! Send Notification to your users to get involed into activity or promote you other app. So, don’t waint, it’s just a few clicks to deploy it.

Hey you are the Boss now, so keep going! But remember it’s all start from this Template ;)

Technical requirements

  • mac OS El Capitan or higher
  • Xcode 8 (free on Mac AppStore)
  • Cocoapods (it’s open source and easy to install)


  • Easy to start
  • Latest XCode 8
  • Support iOS 9 and 10
  • Swift 4.0 ready
  • Push Notifications
  • Search users
  • Admob monetization (easy to configure)
  • Analytics (build-in and it’s just works)
  • Email and/or Google and/or Facebook authorization enabled
  • Realtime Messages

All-time support and updates is coming. Please send me an email if you have a question or need a help.

Thank you!


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