Military Remote Control Helicopters


Emergency response is getting more and more complex. Emergency units are getting tougher and more risky operations day in day out. Some of the operations need remote surveillance before sending a man on the ground and this is where the unmanned vehicles come in.

Remote control helicopters have now gotten popular with emergency crews and the military in obtaining surveillance of a place before actually getting there and this is saving lots of life. In cases where an expected explosive material is suspected is when the military first sends an unmanned RC toy like these little helicopters to the site to gather critical information needed to disarm the device.

The remote control helicopters have an advantage in this kind of job in that they can go behind the enemy lines unnoticed as compared to the real helicopter or a man. Their small size and improved aerodynamics are to give credit in this. They can fly really low with minimum noise or no noise at all and the factor that they have no microwave interference will interest you as they can never be got by the radar and so they will get the enemy by surprise or the enemy will not know at all.

Due to increased interest in the machines, a lot of research is being done to improve their efficiency and liability at a military level. China and USA are leading in the research and you can never blame them as they try to make their forces the strongest in the world. The research mainly focuses on increasing the time of flight and the carrying capacity. The range it can go is no longer an issue with satellite communication in place. The research is now aimed at having the most efficient fuel source.

The power source should be light and should run for a longer time without recharge and refill. This has led to the development of many different kinds of engines. Modern helicopters are running on nitrous and high current batteries. Some have photocells as their body skeleton enabling them to run on solar power. They carry improved batteries such as lithium polymer that can give a higher current. The batteries are supplemented by the solar power. So they can go for long without replacement.

Military remote control helicopters have greater acrobatics and hovering capabilities. Their aerodynamics is great enabling them to access even the remote of all places easily. They can take sudden sharp turns from strange heights and can land almost anywhere. They can perform all moves that the real plane can do and may be even better. The risks involved when they crash are minimal so the pilot can be more daring. However, their speeds is an issue due to their size and power source.

When equipped with camera capabilities, they become the most powerful spy tools. Improved technology in the lens industry has seen production of stronger and more powerful cameras. IP cameras can be used to send real time images from remote control helicopters to base station miles away.


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