Mobile CRM Customer Relationship Management App on your finger tips.


CRM on Finger Tips and Fully Native Android App

Designed with Passion & love and every feedback is special for us.

TRACK YOUR LEADS! Good News- Fully Desktop Web Application and Android Mobile application

CRM that helps you to keep track of your leads on various Sales Stages

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Login/Password: / admin123 Company: demo

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List of Mobile Features

Functional Features:

  • Quick View of Current Leads and their Status
  • Track & add activities of each Lead
  • Manage Quotations and support for MultiCurrency
  • Manage Tax , Discounts
  • Approval Workflow for Lead Quotation
  • Lead Reminders for followup’s
  • Events & Notifications for all the update activities. 
  • Possible Lead Report: List of Leads based on various channels and who are interested.
  • MultiLanguage Support upto 94 languages

Technical Features:

  • Fully Native Android App Code
  • Leverage the Notifications
  • Monetise with your application name and Logo.
  • Supports to Latest Android Studio 3.0.



Opal CRM Product view
Opal CRM Product view

Try Play Store Demo

Login/Password: / admin123 Company: demo

Detailed Documentation from the downloaded package.

PreRequisties for Backend Admin Panel 

Click to > CRM Web Control Panel and Desktop Web Application

What is available in the Downloaded package

  • Fully Source code Android studio workspace
  • Instructions for configuring the app
  • Instructions for monetization

Source Code Change Log

* 4th May 2018 Added new UI screens and Mini Edit Lead
* 14th April 2018 Support for Mobility integration and hot fixes
<br />*  2nd April 2018 Added the Contacts on the right menu item 


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