Mobile Marketing Can Level the Playing Field in the Music Industry


Some people who dare to dream or aspire to be great balk when I present the idea of Mobile Marketing to them. My question is why? Why wouldn’t someone want a more rounded approach to marketing themselves? The idea is to get your name out there to as many people as possible. I like to use the term, covering all your bases. In this case it would be utilizing all the media tools available for you to use. If you are not using all of them to some degree, you are missing out on building a larger and more adoring fan base.

One question that I often get asked is, Why would I want to pay for a service like Text Marketing when Facebook and Twitter are free? You can’t beat free advertising right? Well, Mobile Marketing is not designed to compete with Facebook and Twitter. It is a tool to be used in addition to them. It’s a tool to be integrated into a complete marketing program designed to maximize your exposure to the greatest amount of people possible. That’s how you become a star. That’s how you make sure people are talking about you. Once they’re talking about you and thinking about you, your goal is to make sure they never stop!

Let me add that contrary to what many believe, not everyone is crazy, active, or savvy about Facebook or Twitter. You have to literally reach out to the others. Market and build your empire and they will come.

Text Message marketing is not just for the big record labels, or the big time artist management teams. Text marketing is not expensive to the aspiring artist either. All major superstars incorporate Mobile Marketing, Twitter, and Facebook. Some additional examples of marketing tools are Radio advertising, Print ads like in Newspapers, or magazines, even Flyers and I’m telling you, all the superstars are using each of these marketing and advertising tools more or less in an overall approach to keep their names fresh on the minds of their fans. I’m telling you, it is wise to incorporate some form of each tool into an overall marketing campaign.

Personalities like Rihanna, and Beyonce use it. Many rock bands use text marketing with great success too. The main point I want to make here are that each of these artists use an overall marketing approach and you can do it to. Of course they do it on another level but remember, a snowball doesn’t automatically start out large when it begins to roll. It becomes bigger and bigger as it’s moving along and as you grow in popularity, you will also be advancing to another level as you’re moving along. Got it?


Source by Thomas McCommon

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