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Mobile Shop with Push Notifications is full application for Android. It is inspired by Material Design language developed by Google, combining a clear and consistent look. Everything within the app is happening with “meaning”: selecting and exploring categories and products, adding products to the shopping cart, searching, etc.

Mobile Shop with Push Notifications will help you to extend your e-shop with a mobile application and all of your customers can make orders directly from their Android based phones. There is a step-by-step ordering process and you will get an email, when someone make an order.

The app offers Push Notifications, so you can easily notify all of your customers for ongoing or future promotions, sales or something else.

You can organize the products in categories (and/or subcategories). Of course there is a Search feature, which will help to each one to get the desired product in few interactions.

Mobile Shop with Push Notifications has 7 built-in themes: Green, Blue, DarkBlue, Orange, Purple, Pink and Neutral.

All of the data is stored within a simple .xml file and you can use either a local (within assets folder) or external (web hosted) .xml.

There is a FEATURED SLIDER on the home screen, where you can spotlight different products. Plus, there is a random card generator, which will create different cards’ sizes each time the app is started.


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Quick Look

Mobile Shop with Push Notifications Quick Look

Material Design Animations

Opening a product                              Menu interactions


Add product to shopping cart             Shopping cart interactions


(?) The demos are GIFs with low quality. For better quality watch the Video Preview!


Version 2.3 (11.05.2017)

  • Build problems are fixed related to minSdkVersion
  • Bug Fixes.

Version 2.2 (25.05.2016)

  • Push Notifications: Parse is replaced with other service provider;
  • Bug Fixes.

Version 2.1 (18.01.2016)

  • Integrate Loading Indicator, while the app is loading for first time;
  • bug fixed: The app crashes when the Search feature is used within Single Product Screen;
  • bug fixed: If you add more than 20 products to Shopping Cart, it becomes a mess.

Version 2.0 (28.11.2015)

  • Bug fix about crash using different phone locale settings;
  • Migration to Android Studio.

Version 1.1 (17.05.2015)

  • Feature: User can enter comma separated prices;
  • Feature: User can enter more than one image for each product.

Version 1.0.2 (17.03.2015)

  • Bug fixed: App crashes when you try to add product to the shopping cart (for older Android versions);

Version 1.0.1 (15.03.2015)

  • Unique ID is generated for each order within the email;
  • Animation is added while adding product to the Shopping Cart.

Version 1.0 (10.03.2015)

  • Initial version.

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