More WooCommerce Options



More WooCommerce Options

More WooCommerce Options is a plugin that supplements the standard WooCommerce settings with some important settings.
The plugin has its own tab in the WooCommerce Admin settings named “MoreWooOptions”.

You can find this tab under: WooCommerce > Settings > MoreWooOptions

The setting options are subordinate in several sections. You will find tabs for “General Settings”
“Product Settings”, “Shop / Archive Settings”, “Account Settings”, “Cart Settings”, and “Checkout Settings”.

More WooCommerce Options makes it much easier to manage WooCommerce.
In the future, there will be a lot of more features that you will surely no longer want to miss in WooCommerce.


More WooCommerce Options – Features

  • Remove woocommerce breadcrumbs
  • Change the first woocommerce breadcrumb
  • Replace “Out of stock” by custom text
  • Change the add to cart button text on product pages
  • Display “product already in cart” instead of “add to cart” button on product pages
  • Add a text under product image
  • Disable product tabs separately
  • Change the add to cart button text on product archives
  • Display “product already in cart” instead of “add to cart” button on product archives
  • Hide the “read more” button for out of stock products and show up the “add to cart” button
  • Show up quantities next to “add to cart” buttons on product archives
  • Hide the price and “add to cart” button for logged out users
  • Remove the product count functionality
  • Add a message above the registering form
  • Hide shipping method selection when free shipping is available
  • Set a basic surcharge in % to all transactions
  • Add a minimum order amount
  • Add a payment method to an order status. On hold, Processing or Completed.
  • Redirect the user to the checkout, after adding a product to the cart
  • Set the phone number to a not required field in the checkout


05.12.2016 – Update v1.1

  • CHANGE – Display “already in cart” is now a custom text on product and shop- archives
  • CHANGE – Automatically complete orders is now splitted into three sections. “On Hold”, “Processing” and “Completed”. The user can add a payment method to automatically change the order-status after the customer has orderd a product.
  • ADDED – German translation



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