Most Popular Custom Luggage Tags


There's no question when it comes to whether people want to show off their own individuality, whether it's done with their wardrobe, the car they drive or in the details of their accessories. However, did you know that there are also options for self-expression in even smaller details?

Custom luggage tags have become much more popular over the years as not only a way for people to identify their own bags during times of travel, but also as a way for each person to express themselves without having to say a word. These tags have now become what key chains have been for decades.

Some of the most popular custom made luggage tags are:

  1. Promotional or Business Card Luggage Tags : Businesses can now take the opportunity to hand out promotional luggage tags to current and potential clients as a simple method of free advertising. Essentially, by distributing these tags, their "business card" is leaving its mark wherever they travel. This really is an amazingly affordable way to get the word out about your business to places it might not otherwise get to without the aid of these tags.
  2. Wedding Favor Luggage Tags : On a more personal level, for those planning weddings, luggage tags have become a very popular and inexpensive wedding favor. The ever widening selection of colors and designs that they come in make coordinating them to the rest of the event a simple task and, unlike other forms of wedding memorabilia, they will last a much longer time.
  3. Luggage Tags for Kids : As much as adults like to express their individuality, anyone with children knows that they are extremely and openly expressive about their likes and dislikes on most occasions. Yes, you can even get customized luggage tags for children! Whether it's their favorite animal or their favorite cartoon character, kids adore having these images on just about everything they own, including their luggage or even their backpack for school.
  4. Funny luggage tags : Humor also plays a large part in the custom tag industry, just as it does in the aforementioned keychain industry. Humorous tags tend to spark laughter and conversation between virtual strains and are a great way to showcase your personality. Sayings like "Hands off my bag", "I think your bag is a different shade of black" or "Take my bag, do my laundry" are amusing while, at the same time, a very entertaining way to distinguish a piece of luggage that may otherwise be quite common.

As you can see, the possibilities for these tags have become almost infinite. While some people prefer sayings or simple plain designs identifying their bags, others prefer something brighter and more outspoken. Whether you like a tasteful photograph gracing your luggage tag or a large exclamation of ownership, you will not be disappointed in the choices available to you. Whatever your preference, there is bound to be something out there that fits both your bag and your individual tastes.


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