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MyCarousel is a responsive image + content carousel WordPress plugin. Allows user to create an image or content carousel using some easy steps. nextgen gallery support for upload and manage images with drag and drop features. In-build custom post type to manage content carousel. Easily changeable carousel from image to content or vice versa without changing shortcodes in a single click.


Image Carousel

  • Create a gallery
  • Upload images
  • Create a carousel for the gallery
  • Select desired options and save

Your image carousel is now ready to serve.

Content Carouse

  • Create a category
  • Create content slides for the category (One content slide can be used in multiple categories)
  • Create a carousel for the category
  • Select desired options and save

Your content carouse is now ready to serve.

  • Full Responsive to fit mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Navigation using left right buttons and dots
  • Touch swipe navigation
  • Random Sides (Newly added)
  • Navigation using keyboard arrows and number keys
  • Up down left right slide directions
  • Slide and fade transaction
  • Transaction time control
  • 30+ easing effects
  • Auto-play with pause timing
  • Auto height adjust option
  • Fix number of visible items regardless carousel width
  • Fix item width regardless carousel width
  • In-build custom post type for content carousel
  • Categorized content slides
  • Nextgen gallery support for image carousel
  • Separate image carousel type
  • Easy image upload and re-size
  • Auto generated shortcodes
  • Simple interface to manage

19-02-2013 – Random Sides Option Added
15-02-2013 – Document Updated

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