Navigium – An Elegant Way to Organize Your Content



Navigium.js (from Latin “navigation”) is a clean and lightweight jQuery plugin, which with combination of CSS3 creates beautiful tab navigation. It is inspired by the navigation used in Android’s Play Store app and was created to work as Bootstrap’s component. It has 4 base themes, each have its own dark and mobile variant — creating a new one is easy, just edit one LESS file with variables.


  • Multiple themes, each easy to use or edit.
  • Full documentation, with its source (you can use it in your projects, just leave a note or link :) ).
  • Cross-browser, supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE8+
  • Valid HTML5 / CSS 3 markup.
  • Uses CSS3 transitions in the capable browsers — for the rest provides jQuery animation fallback.
  • Compatible with Bootstrap.
  • Support for multiple instances.
  • Mobile friendly, works on Android and iOS (tested using BrowserStack).


v1.0 — First version, Hello World!

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