Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera(Black)

Nikon D3100 is an entry-level DX-format camera, ideal for photographers preparing to refine their skills in DSLR cameras. Sensor Technology This camera is equipped with a highly capable 14.2 MP CMOS imaging sensor that is more that able to take high quality images across a wide range of lighting conditions. This sensor is also adept at adapting to many ISO settings that can result in better images in .lower lighting conditions as well. It is equipped with the EXPEED 2 image processing engine. Less Blur The lens and sensor arrangement together work in reducing the visual artefacts seen on images. The better the sensor, clearer will be the image output. The Nikon D3100 camera is capable of clicking high quality images that result in less blur even under low lighting conditions. Active D Lighting This camera is equipped with the Active D Lighting feature that balances out the contrast even in brightly lit scenes. When we shoot images in brightly lit areas, like outdoors on a bright and sunny day, there can be instances where pictures may appear to have extreme contrast between the light and dark areas of the frame. This anomaly is reduced greatly with the Active D Lighting feature. Picture Control This feature allows you to set specific control settings for 6 different picture modes. Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Landscape and Portrait mode. You also have an Easy-to-view finder that is incorporated into the system. Auto Selection and Movies With the Automatic Scene Selector, you can choose the right picture settings just by choosing the automatic mode and pressing a button for the onboard image sensor to select the right image settings according to the scene. It is also possible to take full HD videos with the Nikon camera. The 11 Point Auto Focus system allows you to individually focus along 11 different points through the viewfinder. It also comes with Eye-Fi Support.

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