Nikon L27 Point & Shoot Camera(Violet)

Point and Shoot cameras are great for beginners and intermediates as it allows them to always have an automatically set camera ready on hand for when the perfect photo opportunity comes by. Sensor Technology The Nikon Coolpix camera with Point and Shoot ability comes loaded with a powerful and extremely efficient 16.1 MP sensor that can perform well even under low light conditions. Zoom Specifications and Levels This highly useful point and shoot camera is equipped with a high quality lens that comes with a zoom capability of 5 X in the optical range. Optical Zoom is far more sought after than digital as it does not damage the quality of the image during the zooming process. Automatic Settings and Modes This camera is equipped with an Easy Auto Mode that can take care of all the necessary settings required for a high quality image capture. The Auto Mode is required for point and shoot cameras as it comes with little or no manual controls. At times like this, it is imperative for them to have a mechanism that takes care of all the details on its own. High Definition Movie Recording This camera is also capable of taking high quality videos in a high definition 720 p format. This format is great for playback on large screens and HD Televisions. Display Technology for Previews and More This camera is also equipped with a high quality 2.7 inch LCD monitor that can be used for previewing your image captures. It also serves as the device��s viewfinder that will help you line up your shot before releasing the shutter. Process that Image This camera is equipped with the EXPEED C2 image-processing engine that can result in some high quality shots that appear as close to natural color and lighting as possible on a camera. Steady Shot without Blur The camera is also capable of taking photos that are relatively free of motions blurs thanks to the blur reduction feature that can result in fairly good photos even under rough conditions.

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