Nikon L310 Point & Shoot Camera

Sensor Technology The Nikon Coolpix L310 point and shoot camera is equipped with a powerful 14.1 MP CCD Sensor that is well suited for high quality photography. This CCD sensor is ideal even for low light photography as it can handle them with little or no grains and other optical artifacts. Zoom Capabilities This camera is equipped with a powerful 21 X Zoom Lens by Nikkor. This gives it an effective optical zoom that is far more superior to the normal digital zoom available on point and shoot cameras. Display Technology The Camera is equipped with a robust 3 inch, bright LCD Monitor that is detailed enough to provide you with accurate visual feedback on all your clicked images. The screen can also be used as a viewfinder to perfectly line up your shot before taking the picture. The Nikkor Experience Nikkor lenses are high end optical devices made out of the finest quality glass available. Apart from the quality of the lens itself, this camera is also equipped with the Nikkor Lens Vibration Reduction feature. This VR feature is highly useful for beginners as it allows them to take extremely steady shots even if they do not have highly steady hands while holding the camera. Creative Field Within This camera is loaded with a host of features, which includes the ability to change the color settings of captured images. Color correction is possible with the creatively designed color options that are available with the camera settings. The camera also has sensitivity settings extending up to ISO 6400 from 100. Auto Mode for Easy Use and Other Modes This camera is also equipped with an Easy Auto Mode feature. This is a highly useful feature that is great for beginners. The Auto Mode comes with a host of settings that can be automatically applied based on the kind of environment that the subject is present in. The lighting conditions and overall environment can play an important part in the Auto Mode��s quality. You also have a 3 speed Sport continuous mode for high speed or low speed shooting, a Smart portrait system, 3D Mode and HD Movie Mode

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