Nikon L820 Advanced Point & Shoot Camera(Black)

Advanced Photography is still a stage for beginners to learn the finer art of taking quality photos with advanced equipment. Having an Advanced Point and Shoot camera is certainly a step above the traditional camera that amateurs have access to. Sensor Technology The Nikon Coolpix Advance Point and Shoot camera comes with a CMOS Image Sensor, which has 16 MP and can capture great photos even in low light conditions. This sensor is also preferred as it comes with the ability to take photos without having to worry too much about ISO settings as it is found in a capable point and shoot camera. Zoom Levels This camera is capable of 30 X optical zoom with the NIKKOR Glass ED Lens which is quite good for a point and shoot device. It is also great for those who want to shoot from a safe distance. Get closer to the action without actually having to move physically close to the subject being photographed. This is useful when you want to photograph that elusive bird and getting close to it would mean scaring it away. This is also helped by the ergonomically designed body of the camera. Display Monitor The camera is equipped with a highly detailed 3 inch VGA LCD display, which is useful as a viewfinder. You can also use the screen for previewing your work after you shoot the images. This will allow you to see if any imperfect images need to be re-shot. Full HD Video Recording With Stereo Sound The Nikon Coolpix Advanced Point and Shoot camera is highly capable for taking quality images. It is also adept at Full HD video recording. This camera comes with a fine set of a lens-sensor arrangement that allows for high quality videos that can be recorded in Full HD at a resolution of 1080 p. Lens and Imaging Technology This camera is equipped with the Lens Shift VR feature that is basically an effective image stabilizer that works to reduce blurring caused by unsteady shooting methods. The Lens Shift VR works by taking into account the position of the subject in focus along with the camera position. This results in an error free image that looks like it was clicked by expert hands. The EXPEED 3 image processing engine also helps in delivering high quality images.

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