Nikon L820 Advanced Point & Shoot Camera(Red)

Advanced Photography is still a stage for beginners to learn the finer art of taking quality photos with advanced equipment. Having an Advanced Point and Shoot camera is certainly a step above the traditional camera that amateurs have. Image Sensor The Nikon Coolpix L820 consists of a highly capable 16.0 MP low light CMOS image sensor. This image sensor is capable of supporting photography without the use of a flash. This also allows for seamless photography sessions as the flash interruptions will not occur. The use of a flash with this camera is only warranted when the lighting is extremely poor. Zoom in Close With the in-built Nikkor ED lens, you can easily zoom in thanks to the 30 X Wide angle to telephoto zoom capabilities of the camera. This also translates to better photography as you can get close to the action without actually having to move closer to the subject physically. The Optical Zoom also means that the magnification remains crystal clear and without pixilation as compared to digital zoom. Display Monitor Technology The camera is also equipped with a 3 inch VGA LCD screen that allows you to preview your captures just as you take them. This helps in deciding if more shots are required before moving onto the next subject. The screen also lets you compose the image before you actually shoot it, letting you a clear idea of how the image will look like before the shutter gets released. Full HD Recording With the Nikon camera, you can shoot stunning, precise and crystal clear HD videos that are in Full HD (1080 p) mode. This camera truly delivers in this respect thanks to the optics and sensor technology used in its construction. The exceptional video quality can be seen when the camera is connected to an HD television. The camera is also equipped with a high quality microphone that can record stereo sound. This is important when having high quality videos as you will need the sound to also match the quality of the visuals. Other Features The camera is equipped with the Lens-shift VR for high image quality. This allows for precise images thanks to the EXPEED C2 image-processing engine. It is also easier to handle thanks to the larger ergonomic design that lets you handle it easily.

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