Nikon P520 Advanced Point & Shoot Camera(Black)

The Coolpix line of cameras from Nikon are mainly seen in the point and shoot category. These cameras are composed of high performance optics attached to an advanced point and shoot body. Sensor Technology This camera is equipped with a powerful 18.1 MP sensor that comes with the CMOS sensor type. This is an excellent sensor for taking pictures across a wide range of lighting conditions. Zooming Capabilities This camera is also equipped with a high quality Nikkor lens with a zoom range of 42 X in the optical parameter. Optical zooming is more favorable as it allows the image quality to remain unchanged. Digital zoom on the other hand will affect the overall quality of the image due to the pixel level magnification. Screen Technology This camera is equipped with a high quality LCD screen that allows you to view all your pictures that have been taken. Video Recording at Full HD This camera has Full HD recording capabilities at resolutions of 1080 pixels. It is also accompanied by Stereo Sound recording. Steady Shots with VR This camera is also equipped with Vibration Reduction which will help in taking the pictures with high clarity. The Advanced lens-shift Vibration Reduction Active Mode comes in handy when taking shots with an unsteady subject view. GPS connectivity The camera is equipped with a built-in GPS system that comes with Points of Interest features as well as a WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter.

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