Nokia 6280: Technologically Advanced Phone


With the advancement of mobile technology, mobile users are finding new possibilities in their handsets. Gone are the days when mobile phones were a status symbol. In the present time, with the introduction of a range of affordable mobile phones, every class of people are getting benefited. In the last decade, there has been a tremendous growth in the mobile sector and mobile technology has reached a new height beyond imagination. 3G phones for example, has changed the lifestyle of mobile users. Mobile manufacturers like Nokia has also come up with latest and technologically advanced phones in the mobile market. With the introduction of the Nokia 6280, Nokia has added one more handset in the 3G category.

Powered by 3G technology, the Nokia 6280 is enriched with lots of features including advanced multimedia applications, Bluetooth, EDGE, and WCDMA. Slide open and unveil all those features that are a click away. Enjoy multimedia sound, great picture quality and more with the Nokia 6280.
With 262k color screen and the user-friendly keypad, you have everything at your fingertips. Capture special moments with an integrated 2.0 mega-pixel camera. Get closer closer with 8x digital zoom and capture life's precious moments – save and view those moments anytime. You can also share your memorable moments with someone special to your heart. Another VGA camera is used for video calling and for capturing video footage.

Music has always been a favorite choice for everyone. The Nokia 6280 comes with a multimedia music player, stereo FM radio and visual radio – now your favorite music tracks are in your phone, play and enjoy music on the move. Tune in and listen to all time hit music with FM radio. With 64MB of MiniSD card, the Nokia 6280 provides room for music tracks, images and video clips. Download and rock the music.

Supported with Bluetooth, 3G and EDGE – the Nokia 6280 provides fast connectivity and sharing data is a very easy task. There are so many things to explore, bring one and enjoy.


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