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How I “cracked the code” and discovered the key to automated income….

There are, essentially, just two honest ways to make money:

Either you “sell your time for money” – which means you work, get paid… and then have to go back to work again (because as soon as
you stop working, you stop getting paid.)

Or you leverage the power of assets which create continued or repeated income. (aka. “Do the work once and keep on getting

(Obvious) Wealth Secret #1: The wealthy and successful don’t get rich by doing jobs that
pay by the hour!

They get rich by creating systems that generate profit by providing usefulness or other forms of value. They
automate, fine tune and outsource as much of the running of those systems as they possibly can (usually so that they can funnel their
resources into creating even more systems!)

A well-designed and properly executed passive revenue system can free you to go and do other things while the business makes
money for you:

• I get out of bed whenever I want.

• I don’t have to sit in traffic.

• I don’t have a boss.

• I have two homes in different countries and travel between them when I feel like it.

• I can travel wherever I want in the world, so long as I have an internet connection, and can run my business completely from my laptop,
making my own hours. I’m planning to go to Europe and then Bali, Indonesia this summer – and I will be making money all the time… while
I’m visiting my family in the UK, while I’m on the beach in Bali, while I’m on the plane… and yes – while I sleep.

You could say I’ve discovered the keys to automated income…

The reason why I am writing all this is not to boast (that wouldn’t be very cool!), but because I have created a
digitally-downloadable book about everything I have learned in the last 5 years of research into internet marketing and passive income

It is called 50 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep and is probably THE ultimate “swiss army knife” style tutorial on automated

There isn’t another training system like this in the world. The methods in this book have the power to change lives. It changed mine in a big way…

It’s a simple book to describe:

• 50 chapters, each explaining a unique method of making passive income.
• 25 of the methods are internet based, 25 are non-internet based.
• The book contains over 450 pages packed with tutorials, tips and knowledge.
• Tons of examples of people using the methods successfully.
• Pick the money making method or methods that appeal best to your interests and skills.
• Develop a “portfolio” of multiple revenue streams (I’ve done this and it is AWESOME!)
• Available right now in PDF format via digital download.

The sheer amount of useful knowledge, value and moneymaking ideas in 50 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep is completely
over-the-top. It’s totally ridiculous, actually. Many vendors sell one business method at a time – who would be crazy enough to put all
of this in one package? Let’s just call it the bible of passive revenue…

Here is a quick rundown of the 50 chapters:

2 Offline-to-online / Online-to-offline

3 Asset Consolidation methods

3 Intellectual Property methods

4 Machines and Automation methods

2 Business Development methods

Each of the methods is its own chapter, averaging 9 pages per method – and gives you a detailed breakdown of how the method works –
including tips, strategies, what you can expect, things to watch out for and tons of links to additional knowledge.

How to run Adsense and drive free traffic to websites which make
money on 100% auto-pilot (I’ve been doing this for years).

How to generate massive Facebook traffic and turn it into
revenue (this one is CRAZY! I couldn’t believe that it had literally been under my nose all this time).

Secrets of making passive revenue from things you already own.

How the smartest entrepreneurs set up businesses that free
them rather than businesses that enslave them.

Expert secrets of outsourcing and growing a team that can handle
the chores of your business – and then turn this into a “double benefit” by taking on other people’s workload at an instant profit!

Fantastic “MWYS techniques” that you can apply in your
spare time if you already have a job (this is great).

Ways to make money online WITHOUT having to be a highly skilled
writer or web designer.

The types of web sites which pull in the best automated revenue
for their owners.

Tips, tricks and systems used by real estate entrepreneurs –
including ways to make money from real estate without ever having to buy or sell property!

Lead acquisition techniques both “old school” and brand new.

How to integrate QR codes into an outsourced offline
marketing campaign designed to drive traffic to passive revenue generating websites.

Astonishing ways to make money from machines and computer

Surprising ways to use credit cards which can actually make
passive profits.

Secrets of how people are utilizing Public Domain content (which
is available free) to great financial advantage.

A stack of ways to make money from mobile phones (Another
“hot” method – this could have even more potential than internet business in the coming years – as there are more mobile phone users than
internet users in the world!)

Ways to turn your existing knowledge and skills (you have more
than you think) into products that can generate continued revenue.

… and so much more… passive real estate income, outsourcing arbitrage, driving mass traffic, outsourced offline marketing of
online businesses, vacation rentals, royalties, licensing, coin-op, robotics, computer automation, equipment rentals, stocks and shares,
stock photo, authority website strategies, subletting arbitrage, viral Facebook pages… to name but a few…

Did I blow your mind yet? Yes, that’s the level of inside knowledge we’re talking about here. Make it happen. Download 50 Ways To
Make Money While You Sleep now:

My “Iron-Clad” Guarantee To You:
I guarantee total, complete satisfaction (and amazement!) with this product. If you are in any way unsatisfied, you have 60 days for a
full refund – a simple 100%, no quibble, no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

I’ve kicked in the door to passive income and I want to help you do the same. Knowledge is one of the keys to success.
This is the stuff that WORKED for me and not many people even know about it. Are you ready to

This book is for entrepreneurs, for existing business owners, for people who dream of freedom and for hard working people who want to keep
their jobs but are looking for ways to create additional revenue streams.

25 of the 50 methods in the book are “internet methods” which means they are aimed directly at the needs of people who wish to work
from home or who wish to develop an effective and profitable web presence for an existing business.

Many of these methods will also be applicable to people who wish to make money while traveling – and you will find that this book
opens up tremendous possibilities for “laptop warriors” and creative types who are seeking a way to extend their travels / finance
overseas adventures. This is pretty cool – think of the potential.

There are many people who are looking for ways to set up home-based businesses or work from home: Perhaps because they need to
keep an eye on the children but could use some additional ventures; perhaps because there is some reason why they cannot seek “normal” jobs;
perhaps because of medical conditions; perhaps because they are exhausted by “working for the man” and by sitting in traffic every day; or
perhaps simply because working from home is what best suits their chosen career path. There are other benefits to working from home, such
as saving on traveling, childcare or other expenses.

Please note that it is not my aim to discredit the hard work of the people who work long hours helping society in the many
incredible ways they do. Without you, the world would not be as good as it is. However this is not just an “either or” situation: Hard
working people need to learn how to make their money work for them – and there’s nothing stopping you working hard at a jobduring
the day (good for you), and then continuing to make additional money after you have stopped working – if you set things up the
right way! In fact, this is what you should be doing – because you know as well as I do that the “powers that be” (i.e.
greedy banks and governments) are going to try to take it all from you instead of allowing you to keep it for your family.

If there is one thing that I would like you to remember at all times – even if you don’t download my book – it would be this:

The more you help people, the more money you can make. If you want to be rich, be useful. However, think very carefully about this:
There’s absolutely no rule in the world that says you can’t create or provide something useful or otherwise valuable that continues to
provide value – and generate revenue – after you have stopped working.

Setting up passive revenue systems generally requires some “investment” first – of skills, time, effort or resources. It is wise to
assume that in order to create passive income, you have to provide value first – however this does not necessarily mean trading
“hours for dollars” or slaving away endlessly. There are many forms that value can take, and part of the mindset of making money while you
sleep is also about learning to recognize and act on opportunities that are actually around us all the time (truly!), but that most people
have not noticed.

It’s about building true assets that will continue to create revenue.

It’s about using better, easier and more successful methods to help people and improve their lives (imagine that!) – and about
innovative ways to automate, outsource or simplify the process (there are lots of these!)

It’s about leveraging your existing assets (wait ’til you see this part!) to bring you greater wealth with less effort.

And it’s about increased efficiency – ways to get more from less (and then put that money to work for you).

The kind of work that produces continuous, repeated or automated revenue is
strategically different from the kind of
work that stops paying you the moment you stop working. It is a different concept and has a different set of rules and governing
principles. This is important. To make money while you sleep, you need to do the right kind of work and build your own

It’s important to remember the “golden rule” that you won’t get rich unless you do or create something fantastic for others… but it’s essential to know that you definitely won’t get rich slaving away to make someone else rich – because
when you are working for an employer, they own all of the pie.

The good news is that powerful trends and technologies are reshaping the “income landscape” right now – and are providing more
genuine opportunities than ever before to make passive income. And we all know that “job security” is an empty promise these

What this all means for you is that the possibility of generating auto-pilot revenue is actually stronger than it has ever been

The amount of opportunity out there, waiting to be seized, is truly unlimited. In the modern world the number of ways to create passive
revenue is astonishing – yet many people are simply unaware of them. I created the first version of this book in 2008 with my “Complete
Guide To Making Money While You Sleep”. Since then I’ve continued (and still continue) to discover, study and test passive revenue systems
– and have amassed an absolute GOLD MINE of astonishing strategies. It was my goal to make this new book THE bible of passive
revenue and give you the power to change your life.

MEGA FREE BONUSES! “50 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep” is already a stunning product – but I’ve gone NUTS and included a “vault”
full of bonuses that you will receive at the same time, at no extra cost! Buy now, and get all these amazing bonuses thrown in free:

FREE BONUS 1 – “Assets: Master Key To Wealth” – 42 page PDF – ESSENTIAL guide to how to leverage assets; dovetails together with “50
Ways To Make Money While You Sleep” to create a “grand overview” of the modern entrepreneurial path.FREE BONUS 2 – “60 Secrets Of Wealth” – 106 page PDFFREE BONUS 3 – “The Mindset Of Success” – 79 page PDF

Are you ready to download 50 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep? Are you ready to step it up? Let’s get started right now:

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