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Book My Doc App is an online doctor appointment scheduling app for your patients. It is a one stop solution to put all the information in one place, where patient can make appointments, contact doctors and view the appointments from their  mobile itself. This is a truly automated hybrid mobile application for your medical practice, where you can build android and iOS doctor appointment application  to reach your Patient in real-time. The Book My Doc app aims to help Doctors, clinics, Hospitals etc to generate an exclusive Mobile Health  App which will have all information from which patient can select and set up appointments within the app itself.You can give your patients a medical appointment, with assurance , round the clock, with a few taps from their smart phone.

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  • Reduced waiting time.
  • Booked slot shown in colors.
  • Give medical care as quickly as possible.
  • Makes you to generate new patients.
  • Helps to stay ahead of the competition.
  • You can finally schedule your availability
  • Provide Best Treatment with Optimum Care
  • Proactive Response to Patient’s Condition
  • Integrate Your BRANDING throughout the app


  • Find nearby doctors in your network
  • Book Appointment with a tap
  • View Appointment slots
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  • View and book at multiple locations
  • Easily handle multiple doctor calendars
  • Drag and drop functionality for quick appointment changes
  • Pre-built interfaces to top payment gateways
  • View full booking history
  • View previously Patient Rating.
  • Search for doctors based on
    • Specialty
    • Location
    • Available date
    • Particular Health Insurance

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Additional Enhancement for Book My Doc

  • Customization for Doctor interface app
  • Customization for Social Login
  • Customization to add Multilingual
  • Customization for sms gateway
  • Customization for push notification
  • Customization for Payment Gatway
  • Customization for Doctor-Patient chat
  • Customization for patients to read different medical articles.

If you require any further assistance for Book MY Doc, please feel free to contact us at or visit us at Our team of Book MY Doc is always ready to handle any of your requirements .

The functionality of Book My Doc App is fully depend on Book My Doc Webscript which consist of a highly dynamic admin dashboard.

Techware Solution’s  Speciality in Healthcare IT Industry

We are one of the leading  MHealth (Mobile Healthcare) App Development  service provider for any size organization from an individual doctor’s clinic to large hospitals or even government healthcare organization. Enhance and streamline medical practice with Book My Doc,a convenient solutions to optimize and automate your daily practice routine.

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4. Installation

5. One payment gateway integration -credentials must be provided

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5. Installation

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7. One payment gateway integration – credentials must be provided

8. Customization for Push notification

9. Customization for Social Login

10. Customization for SMS Notification



1. Mobile app re-wamped
2. New skin
3. New web service added


1. Updated the package with offline and online build



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