Online Food Ordering Mobile App – Order My Food


Online Food Ordering Mobile App-Order My Food

Order My Food is a smart online food ordering mobile App built for Restaurants and Hospitality industry which includes hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and other lodging businesses in both Android and iOS version. The mobile app for restaurant ordering is also suitable for fast food chains and other establishments that provide food and beverages. Order My Food is a standalone restaurant mobile app, where you can customize it any way you want. The customized features of the mobile ordering App is also useful for the travel and tourism, which includes airlines, trains, and cruise ships. Using this online ordering mobile app, Order My Food you can make your customers to plan their meals in advance.


Features for restaurant mobile app includes

• Digital Food Ordering application
• Filter options to make your search simple
• Real time order status
• Search for your favorite restaurants easily
• Google based location search.
• Review hotels based on your experience
• Add hotels to your favorite lists
• Restaurant Listing Management
• Cash payment
• Orders and Purchase history
• Easy style customization

Benefits of having a restaurant online ordering app

• Boost Your Brand
• Smarter Take-Out Orders
• Increase Loyalty
• Mobile payment
• Digital Menu Card
• Online Reviews and Ratings
• Improve Customer Engagement
• Better Marketing Return on Investment

Not all customers need not know how to use Smartphone, so it is important to make an online mobile optimized website for your Restaurant. Buy our Order My Food webscript which is a mobile optimized Online Food ordering script for single and multiple Restaurants. For a perfect working of Order My Food app you need to buy the web portal where, the administrative module is available.

Demo Video URL:

Play Store Demo URL:

Possible customizations to meet your needs

• Customization for Language Translation in App
• Customization for Payment gateway in App
• Customization for Email Notifications in App
• Customization for SMS integration in App
• Customization for Push Notification in App
• Customization for Feedback management in App
• Customization for Remainders for customers in App
• Customization for Taxation in App
• Customization for Facebook Ordering in App
• Customization for Social Login in App
• Customization for restaurant table booking in app
• Customization for advanced ionic version 3 in app

Order My Food is an advanced automated point of sales App. So, if you need any additional customization please contact us or mail to . Our dedicated team of restaurant mobile app developers will always there to assist you.

Now most of the people always use their handy Smartphone for all their dining decisions. So you can utilize this behavior of users for your restaurant by Order My Food App. This is the best restaurant solution to make your restaurant menu in your customer’s pocket.

Why should you make your own restaurant app with Techware Solution?

We are one of the only company that provides full suite of services tailored software solutions for Food Industry. We offers custom mobile app development like restaurant reservation mobile app, restaurant inventory management app and food delivery app which covers total needs of your restaurant business lifecycle. We are also experts in making apps for restaurant owners/managers to manage and streamline their workflow. For giving new interactive experience for your customers we have done a beacon based digital food ordering application QUICK FOOD.



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