Opera CSS3 Menu


Opera CSS3 Menu

Opera CSS3 Menu is a horizontal navigation inspired by real Opera webiste menu. It’s easy to use and integrate since CSS is made in way that all you need to edit is on first few lines of code. Don’t forget, we included working AJAX contact form with it, so people can contact you easy & fast.

It comes with 2 theme styles: light & dark so it will fit to everyone. Also you can combine betwean 10 color variations that makes total 20 possible combinations. You can add your own color very easy and get your own unique menu. Using latest CSS3 technology, this menu will look nice in new browsers and with CSS3 we reduced image usage to zero. It’s a must have menu in your collection.


Nice work I particularly like how the search and login are compacted, defo worth a buy at $3

Thank you CroDigital! This menu is awesome.


  • simple and minimal design
  • pure CSS3
  • no images
  • no javascript
  • high details
  • login form ( styled only)
  • search box ( styled only )
  • working AJAX form
  • horizontal menu
  • 10 colors
  • 2 styles (light and dark)
  • works with IE8 +


- added working AJAX contact form
- added 3 new colors
- changed CSS organization for easier styling 

- initial relase 


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