Padraig 4k action camera Sports and Action Camera(Black 16 MP)

Action Camera 4K Ultra HD Video Recording Style Action camera With Wifi Feature:- Support 4K-30fps / 2.7K 30fps 1920x1080p 60fps 720P / VGA video recording. Support HDMI High Definition Output , Capture stunning pics and video footage with the 4K Wifi Waterproof Sports Action Camera. Photo Resolution 16 Megapixels with Sony 179 Sensor. 4K @ 25fps (3840*2160 pixels) 2.7K @ 30fps (2704*1524 pixels) 1080p @ 60fps (1920*1080 pixels) 1080p @ 30fps (1920*1080 pixels) 720p @ 120fps (1280*720 pixels) Capture Wider Scene The wide-angle lens available without fisheye distortion. Wide-angle 170 degree lens lets you record dramatic, panoramic scenes. It’s the perfect way to capture breathtaking views of surf, bungee jumping, mountain trials. Included Components: 1.WaterProof Case 2.Bicycle Stand 3.Holder Clip 4.Helmet Base 5. Switch Brackets 3 types 6.Base 1 .7 Data Cable 8.Waterproof roof 9. Clip 10.Bandage 11.Ribbon 12.Wiper Cloth 13.Wire Rope 14.Fix Base Adapter 15.Instruction Manual 16.

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