Palisade Guardian Flash Game Review

This game is hosted by addicting games, one of the major flash game websites. Other popular flash game sites are MiniClip, Newgrounds, and others. This free flash game is a shooter.

The game is long- about 36 levels (or days)- each level is a new day. The game has frequent technical issues however, especially on Windows. Sometimes it doesn’t load or it lags and several bugs have appeared in-game, for example some enemies wouldn’t die while I played, so I emptied 5 bazooka rounds with the cross hairs right on his face. Still nothing. Those kind of bugs really bother me…

For the most part the game is fun but the bugs really prohibit it from reaching it’s full potential. As with many flash games, the main objective is to upgrade all of your equipment. The guns range from the standard Thompson to the all-out bazooka. There are a variety of enemies like the Howitzer and the Jeep . The upgrades and gameplay are alike to the games Storm the House 2 and 3, but the first person aspect is a little different in regards to shooting (you view your aim from your gun’s sight on a hill instead of watching the cross hairs).

In the game, money for upgrades is paid after each level. The amount paid depends on the level you played. Other ways to increase the money earned include shooting enemies in the head or having exceptional accuracy (You can’t really aim with machine guns!). Besides the bugs, I’d say this game is worth playing. The gameplay is addicting and the progression between levels is actually noticeable. But if it bugs out on you, don’t spend hours trying to fix it.

Source by Bobby Jackin

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