Panasonic V160 (Black) with 2 pcs 8gb memory card & carry bag video Camera Camcorder Camera(Black)

Panasonic HC-V160 Video Camera (Black) Hand Held Video Camera The HC-V160 is a portable video recording camera from the reputed house of Panasonic. The video camera comes with a wide range of specifications that make it an ideal pick for usage in homes, offices, etc. You can use the Panasonic HC-V160 to record videos easily. The portable video camera has a powerful 2.5 MP sensor that comes with image stabilisation technology, allowing you to record videos in superior quality. The video camera has a maximum sensor resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The video camera can also be used to capture still photographs at 2.2 MP resolution. The HC-V160 has up to 38x zoom which increases your recording range. It has an added feature called Intelligent Zoom that can help the device to zoom up to 77x. This makes it ideal for capturing live events like concerts or stadium matches and landscape photography as well. The portable video camera also comes with a 2.7 inch LCD display that can be used to review and browse through the collection of recorded videos and photographs. You can use the display to control the playback of the videos as well.

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