Personalizing Your Own Mouse Pad

Even when you can’t even get a foot in the door, schedule a sales call or even if you lost a customer, your brand can still continue to be built every day in the office that will not grant you access. Your secret weapon in the battle for brand retail space, spells -promotional products-, and of the most effective items to send out a gift or “leave behind” out there is to make use of the good old mouse pad.

Out of office supplies used for promotional products, most people think of mugs as a an all-time favorite, but the mouse pad is making a comeback as a promotional product everywhere.

“Last year was all about mugs, this year we’re seeing clients left and right wanting computer pads as give away promotions and promotional products in their marketing programs.”, says Shawn Schefler, a key account manager for a medium sized company in Philadelphia.

Since Computer Pads are so slim and light they have been rediscovered as a great give away during the budget squeeze and providing a cheap avenue for mailing out a gift at virtually no expense.

“It’s not just the typical promotion oriented medium-sized companies that are doing it, Fortune 500 companies have realized how powerful a leave-behind the mouse pad is.”

The marketing favorite right now is the ¼-inch thin version that isn’t much thicker than a piece of thick paper without compromising on tough quality requirements of a great mouse pad. And they come in all colors, shapes and forms and promotional product experts make it convenient and price competitive to order a customized set of pads with express shipping if required.

“We’re seeing mouse pads becoming one of the most popular items in giveaways, promotions and other types of marketing activities simply because it’s so easy to get distributed out there and everyone is feeling the budget squeeze.”, he continues.

A mouse pad as a giveaway reflects that you are a considerate company and that you pay attention to the quality of the work place. A good mouse pad is a welcome gift and often overseen by employers whose employees spend all day in front of the computer and their hand cupped over a mouse.

Even when you can’t get a foot in the door, or if traveling budgets are so tight that you can’t afford to make a visit just now, a promotional product such as a customized promotional product is a good alternative is to get through the door.

And with Fortune-500 companies and small sized companies doing it, don’t underestimate the power and brand building capability of a good old mouse pad. Your name rests on it!

Source by Amin Ramjee

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