PHPClips Video Sharing Platform


PHPClips is now at V2.0 release. It is a powerful video sharing platform, supporting uploads from pc or from youtube, themes, plugins, video processing with ffmpeg, and much more features.

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  • PHP 5.3.X or greater
  • MySQL 5.X
  • PHP-GD Library
  • PHP MCrypt Library
  • FFMpeg / Avconv ( required only when you want to upload videos from PC )
  • Linux cronjobs


  • Upload videos from PC
  • Grab videos from YouTube through API v3
  • Create playlists with videos
  • Like, Dislike, Comment videos
  • Share videos through embed code or social networks
  • Customisable page background
  • Automatically grab thumbnail images from videos
  • Browse videos by keywords and categories

Video Player

  • Responsive HTML5
  • Option to expand(wide) or fullscreen the player
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Repeat feature
  • Fully customisable
  • HTML5 or Flash in fallback mode
  • Advertising feature
  • Auto repeat function

Video advertising

  • Possibility to upload videos and set them as advertising
  • Easy manage from PHPClips Advertising Plugin
  • Advertising videos are displaying by rotation system
  • Admin can set how often advertising videos should be displayed before a video starts
  • Possibility to Skip the advertising video after 5 seconds
  • Admins can check on PHPClips Advertising Plugin how many times an advertising video has been displayed

Video Playlists

  • Create, Manage, Share playlists
  • Search for playlists


  • Register new users
  • Users can log in
  • Users can have custom avatars
  • Users can manage their accounts

User channel

  • Posibility to add channel cover
  • Subscribe to user channel
  • Comment on user channel
  • View liked videos, uploaded videos, playlists from channel
  • Channels can have their own description
  • Users can search for channels


  • 2 Responsive Themes Included
  • Very extensible themes system
  • Possibility to create custom themes
  • Admin can switch between themes
  • Each theme can be customised from admin panel
  • Themes have customisable sliders
  • Themes have customisable animations and effects

Admin Panel

  • Responsive admin panel
  • Easy and clean theme
  • Videos and Users statistics graphic
  • Manage and configure themes
  • Manage and configure plugins
  • View and Block / Unblock users
  • View, Edit and Delete videos
  • Manage videos comments
  • Add, View, Edit and Delete categories
  • Set custom site name, title, description admin email and many others
  • Configure custom FFMpeg and FFprobe paths
  • Manage Youtube API key
  • Userful warnings about system configuration issues


  • 2 Plugins Included
  • Very extensible plugins system
  • Plugins have access to PHPClips core namespace
  • Plugins are handled using “Event” pattern
  • Plugins have their own configuration manager

Advertising Plugin

  • Offers management for Video Advertising
  • Banner advertising support
  • Custom banner sizes

Email Plugin

  • Email templates system
  • Possibility to send custom emails on each user action
  • User actions: register, like, dislike, comment, subscribe, upload


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