Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor for Women Includes A Personal Trainer


It’s heart rate monitor that allows the user to design aerobic programs that monitor certain target zones to make sure you don’t over do it or under do it. This exercise regimen safety-net is done via The Keeps U Fit – Workout Program which directs you as you achieve your personal goals.

This exercise regimen is done via The Keeps U FitTM – Workout Program which directs you as you achieve your personal goals and is likely the most powerful function of the F11. Depending on your fitness level (OwnIndex) and where you’d like to be, you can choose between three workout goals (programs).

The three programmed goals are: ‘Maximize’ setting aims at improving your aerobic fitness level and recommended if you’re physically fit or an athlete. ‘Improve’ is less strenuous for moderate workouts and lastly, ‘Maintain’ is more low key for walking or those who some medical limitations.

Another feature is the OwnIndex. This program will establish your physiological fitness level, monitor and record your improvements, and provide incentive to keep fit or lose weight or both. It establishes you VO2max value at rest and while exercising. Your personal cardio statistics based on such physical conditions: body mass, age and gender are matched to a classification matrix topology- high fitness or low fitness.

Then there’s the OwnCal feature which counts the calories and fat that you burn and then logs the results for further review.

Automatically determine each day’s target zone with the OwnZone tool acting as your guide. You can establish your heart rate zone based on a specific order of five 1 min. intervals with specific pace (walking to jogging). The F11TM also features the WearLink Coded transmitter made from a soft, fabric material. The electrodes, which pick up the heart signals, are integrated right into the strap. The Coded feature eliminates interference from other heart rate monitors by using a unique frequency.

After your workout, you can take the data accrued by the F11 heart rate monitor and upload it to the internet via you computer. From there you can review your day’s training for further analysis making note of how you were performing: peaks, calorie count, heart rate etc.

Using the Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It gives you piece of mind knowing you are taking care of yourself and the F11 is right there every step of the way as a virtual coach keeping you on track and making sure get and stay healthy without hurting yourself in the process.


Source by Keeda Kolb

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