Practice Makes Perfect, Website Design Version

They say with many things in this world, practice makes perfect. And we agree with that wholeheartedly. In any craft you wish to master, with any art you wish to perfect, practice is always a requirement. When it comes to web designing, the same idea applies. We need to practice in order to make good website designs and in order to master the art of creating wonderful website pages. Practice makes perfect after all, and as you practice your website designing skills and your ideas would grow as well. But how do we start practicing? Let us tell you how!

The first tip is to look around many different websites and see how these web pages have been designed and laid out. The tip is to first be familiar with how things look in the many websites which have been published and have been thriving for a long time. Try and be familiar with how these things look and how they have been designed. What were the concepts behind it and trace how they have been done. This is not a message to copy the work of others. Rather it is a message to look for underlying keys to success with web design.

The next tip is to consult other websites. There are websites which offer free page designs and other tools. Try and take a look at the ready made and easily available designs and study how they are done.

The next step is now to start creating your own designs. With the designs you have seen so far, conceptualize the designs you would like to see on your own website.

Now, the next step is to list all these ideas. Put these designs to paper and write them down. See which would work and see which designs or concepts wouldn’t. Try mixing and match these designs and concepts. Once you have decided, cross out the ideas you feel would be too much work for practice. Hold onto those concepts which really feel right for your website.

Now, start practicing! There is free software available which can help you out. But if you want to start from scratch, HTML can help you and you can just start with using the default notepad programs in making these codes. Just keep on practicing and play with codes and design combinations.

If you wish to see how these things would look online, there are many free hosting sites which can help in publishing the web pages you have created. All you need in order to publish is to register your e-mail. Well then, start practicing!

Source by Bob Hamilton

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