Premium Coming Soon – WordPress plugin


Premium Coming Soon – WordPress plugin

Custom Counter

The first premium coming soon landing page – wordpress plugin is here!

New, modern, user friendly countdown page that lets your visitors know when you will launch your website.

Has a custom countdown counter and the possibility to create an endless number of new themes as you please.

You can add custom logos, backgrounds, headers & footers and many more.
Also there’s an existing palette with custom backgrounds, patterns, headers, footers, fonts & fonts colors

It’s very easy to install ,configure and customize.

Version 1.0 Features

Configuration – Here you have:

Content settings

  • Header logo
  • Main center logo
  • Footer logo
  • Intro text description

Launch date setup

  • Timezone – you can select your country/city timezone
  • Select countdown year
  • Select countdown month
  • Select countdown day
  • Select countdown hours
  • Select countdown minutes

Label name – Here you can label:

  • Weeks, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds in your own language
  • If you have a “not so far away” date, you can set up only to appear days, hours and so on just by check/uncheck a checkbox

Seo settings

  • Page title – Your custom page title
  • Description – Paste your description code here. This will be added into the head side of your page.
  • Keywords – Paste your keywords code here. This will be added into the head side of your page.
  • Owner
  • Copyright
  • Publisher
  • Revisit after – for google bot
  • Custom Favicon
  • Google Analytics code


General design settings:

  • Background-color: pick your color
  • Font-color: pick your color – used for the main intro text
  • Description font family: choose your custom google font – used for the main intro text
  • Font size – in px – used for the main intro text
  • Number blocks font family, font-color, font-size
  • Register now text, font-family, font-color, font-size


  • Default pattern: choose your pattern from a list of custom pattern
  • The possibility to use a custom pattern
  • Upload & use a custom pattern


  • Default background: choose your background from a list of custom backgrounds
  • The possibility to use a custom background
  • Upload & use a custom background


  • Default header – choose your header from a list of custom headers
  • The possibility to use a custom header
  • Upload & use a custom header


  • Default footer – choose your footer from a list of custom footers
  • The possibility to use a custom footer
  • Upload & use a custom footer

We also have built in a style swicher , you can choose to display it on the main page & play around making new custom plugins, or not

Allow developers

  • Show website from link – This link is generated each time the plugin is activated.
  • Development ips. See old website from this ip adress. Server detects you having ip address.
    Write more adresse using , separator (E.g:,


If you have any problems with the plugin, consult the documentation right from the countdown panel.


You can always revert the plugin on the basic settings that came on if you need to.


Subscribers list, here you will find the users that subscribed on the website, and if the list becomes too long, you can always delete them.


We also have online support, if you have any problems you can just email us and we’ll get to you as soon as possible.


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