Genius Wireless Mouse



ylish and well designed ECO mice are great for both work and life.

Anytime, Anywhere

Without confines of wires, you can bring ECO Series mice anywhere you want. Also, you can use the device almost anytime even when recharging. No need to fret about a defective battery to interrupt your important work.

Smart Control

You can optimize and personalize ECO Series Mice via SmartGenius App for smart control, including DPI adjustment, double click and scroll speed setting adjustment or press the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. And can check the battery life with SmartGenius App; when the battery life is lower than 10% , the SmartGenius App will give you an alert to notify you to recharge.

  • Zoom In and Out
  • DPI Adjustment
  • Battery Alert

Safety is Our Priority

Equipped with extra circuit protection IC, ECO Series Mice give you a safe & worry-free user experience. Moreover, compliant with RoHS, ECO Series Mice give you a healthier, anti-toxic life.


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