Kechaoda K36(Golden)

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KECHAODA Phone 2 Sim K36 BIG subwoofer – 2 waves have to assert difference and novelty, became the craze on the market today. Best for Shop, Home, Car and Commercial Use.. With these advantages and superior features, but the price very reasonable savings , expressed ambitions to dominate the market in the near future. K36 possesses bold classic style , shades of these products have become legendary cult brand KECHAODA a time, with the detailed design keenly. The soft rounded lines, hidden behind a layer of metal, reflecting the elegance and class. In particular, extremely durable 5000 mAh battery . Contemporary styling, youthful, but no less luxurious. A stylized keyboard novel, interwoven with beautiful motifs. K36 KECHAODA phone lines read as under full convergence features of a high end phone. Conquering users the ability to hear music in an extremely lively, with stereo 3D mobile , perfect combination with 2 speakers terrible run parallel above and below . This is a great gift for music devotees. Field terrorist cell phones really are the best choice, with a range of features and advantages will be your partner in life. Please select K36 and choose for yourself a stylish new fully optimized
256 MB RAM | 256 MB ROM |;2.4 inch Display;0.3MP Rear Camera;5000 mAh Battery
256 MB RAM | 256 MB ROM |;2.4 inch Display;0.3MP Rear Camera;5000 mAh Battery

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