Properly Planning For Emergencies With The Help Of Security Equipment


Current events tell us that we can never tell when an emergency might happen. When emerging happen, people do not always think in the correct frame of mind. Their natural instincts are just to survive the situation. Safety in any organization should always be top priority. A company that can properly prepare for unforeseen events has a better chance of quickly and efficiently handling any emergency situation.


Fires are one of the most dangerous situations to deal with. This emergency situation is probably the one that terrifies people the most. That is the reason why many companies take the proper precautions to prepare for these situations. Here's how to properly prepare for it:

  • Have the right number of alerts – A company should always make sure they have good quality alerts that will not fail. Besides that, it should also ensure there are enough alerts to properly cover the company's promises.
  • Make sure the alerts are working – An alarm is useless if it is not working. It's important to do regular checks to make sure that each one is working fine. If they run on batteries, they should be checked regularly.
  • Plan the proper escape routes – Staff and customers should know the proper exit routes to take in any emergency situations. This can be achieved by placing maps of the building or floor in every room, and then showing where the nearest exit routes are located.
  • Properly mark escape routes – Exits should properly be marked. When an emergency happens people will look for the exit signs. Make sure each main exit is properly marked.
  • Have fire drills – Fire drills should be connected every year. They will give staff an idea of ​​what needs to be done, if an emergency happens.


Any successful company is always under the threat of different types of crime. The different types of crime can include: theft, vandalism and threat of terrorist attacks. When crime happens it can put a big dent on a company's profits, but more importantly, it can jeopardize the safety of customers and staff. Here are several ways to prepare for these situations:

  • Give ID to staff – Make sure company identification is given to all company employees. This will let security staff know if someone belongs on the promises or not. These badges can now be scanned directly into a database and can also act as an attendance record.
  • Have sign-in logs – For those that do not have badges, they should be required to enter their name and contact details in a guest book. They should also provide the proper identification to show proof of who they are.
  • Install security cameras – Cameras can deter potential crimes. Cameras should be installed in the company's lobby and also in the company's main areas. One camera should be placed at the main desk where guests sign-in. As the guests sign in, pictures can be taken.
  • Record the events – Besides having cameras, they events should be recorded and stored for a period of time. In the event of a crime, it can be used to identify the perpetrators and may be used as evidence in a court or law.
  • Hire security staff – Having cameras is often not enough, so security staff should also monitor the cameras and patrol the concessions.
  • Secure company network – Some attacks will not always happen directly but through the internet. Hackers may try to gain access to steal information and possible funds. The best way to protect against this is to have reliable web security firewalls and anti-spy ware.

Natural Disasters

This type of emergency is usually the last thing on anyone's mind when it happens. These situations can strike in the blink of an eye. No can really ever fully prepare for this emergency, but the preparation took could reduce the number of casualties. Here's how to prepare:

  • Make sure exports are clearly marked
  • Educate staff – Staff should know what to do in any emergency and help customers accordingly.
  • Use security cameras to direct people – Cameras can be used to help staff direct people to the areas of safety.

Proper planning and the use of Traders Warehouse is key to ensuring safety. When installing cameras, a company should consider proper and a GJD lighting controller. This will help ensure events are properly recorded and visible. Every company needs to ask themselves if they are properly prepared for these events and produce contingency plans for any eventuality.


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