PSNews (Multipurpose iOS News Application)


Please be aware for “Extended License” of “Envato”

Release Note

Version 1.0.1
Released Date : 31 Mar 2018

#Changed Log 
1. Integrated with CK Editor
2. Added missing edit icon at profile page.

#Effected Files From Xcode Project 
- PSNews/Assets.xcassets/EditCircle.imageset/Contents.json
- PSNews/Assets.xcassets/EditCircle.imageset/EditCircle.png
- PSNews/Assets.xcassets/EditCircle.imageset/EditCircle@2x.png
- PSNews/Assets.xcassets/EditCircle.imageset/EditCircle@3x.png
- PSNews/DetailView.swift
- PSNews/DetailView.xib

#Effected Files For Backend 
- application/views/backend/news/entry_form.php
- application/views/backend/news/entry_form_script.php
- application/views/backend/partials/footer.php
- assets/ckeditor4/ (New Created)

Version 1.0.0
Released Date : 24 Feb 2018

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Images Credit : Randomly pickup some images from Google Search and Flicker.
– Some Images From Google Search

– Some Images From Freepik


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