QR Code Generator for Adobe Muse


QR Code Generator for Adobe Muse is a wonderful widget for generating the QR Code directly into your adobe muse website. The widget also has options to change color, border, alt text. The widget can be used to generator QR code for a link or a simple text. People can just scan the code from any mobile or tablet device and get the information in the QR Code. Its good for app landing websites to link your app via the QR Code.
Now let go the old fashioned way of creating links. Use the QR Code Generator.

Use the widget and enjoy.

Installing and Using:
1. Once you’ve Downloaded the widget, extract it to the desired location (Folder).
2. Launch Adobe Muse.
3. Navigated to the place extracted and double click on “Nakshatra – QR Code Generator”.
4. Head back to Adobe Muse, pull out Library panel (Window Menu – Library).
5. In the Library Menu, you should find a folder named Nakshatra. Open the Folder.
6. Once the folder is open, you’ll see the widget named “Nakshatra – QR Code Generator”. Click and Drag it on the page.
7. As soon as the widget is place on the page the widget options fly-out is open by default, go dive into the Widget Options which is self explanatory, and create a unique and cool looking QR Code for your website.

Let us know if you need any help setting up the widget, we shall do the needful.


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