QR Mobile Detect & Redirect


This script was created to give you a single point of contact for QR codes. With the evolution of Native Mobile Apps and Mobile sites we are seeing more and more QR codes. One large issue is that when advertising an app you must, either, have a separate QR code for each operating system and device if you want to provide a direct link to download the app. People have tried to work around this by first letting the user scan the QR code where they are sent to a mobile site which then provides them with the different formats to download apps.

This is also true with standard mobile sites. If you have created a mobile site that is formatted for a smart phone and then another for tablets you would have to first send them to your mobile site and then redirect them.

With QR Detect you can VERY simply place one QR code on any ad and my script will take care of the device detection and forwarding.


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